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ALIA is a consultancy and development service based in Cobh, County Cork, Ireland.
This is a single point of contact for developments on the Web, Internet & Intranet, and in general business applications.


Web Design


Information Systems Development

A number of public web sites designed by ALIA are listed below.

The design approach adopted by ALIA takes the realities of the medium into account. It also suggests some questions that you should ask yourself before you commit to the development of a web site.
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ALIA brings you over 25 years of experience in Information Systems design and development. Talk to someone who can work with you on all your business processes - including the incorporation of Internet technologies where appropriate.
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Sample sites by ALIA

Cobh and Harbour Chamber of Commerce

The Cobh and Harbour Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of the business and tourism community in the area around Cork Harbour, Ireland.

The site content is now maintained by Chamber staff on a day-to-day basis using a combination of custom and off-the-shelf software.

Sirius Arts Centre

The Sirius Arts Centre - Every business should sponsor local voluntary projects in some way. ALIA is happy to provide a web design service to Sirius. This site is now maintained day-to-day by Sirius staff.

Alia Sailing Pages

Alia Sailing Pages - After years of sailing on a 'need to know' basis, I decided to go for formal certification. (I must be getting old or something.) These pages had their beginings in a Shore-based Day/Coastal Skipper course and some formal cruiser courses.

Ballymore Villa

Ballymore Villa - For sale - A 200-year old country cottage by the sea.
The site gives a full description of the house, gardens and surrounding area. There is also an interesting history (from 1820 to present) of the house and the estate of which it was a part.


Tír na nÓg - The Virtual Irish Cybercafe - this started purely as a design exercise. The word got around, and Tír na nÓg took on a life of its own. The combination of content and fast-loading graphics attracts steady traffic to these pages.

  • Chat & Message Board
  • Mythology and Technology
  • Ogham and the Irish Language
  • Porridge and Java


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